SMT-h 50iu (New! HGH)

$160 CAD

“Inffarm”, Russia

Trade Name



Somatropin 191AA


50 IU

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Expiration date: 12.2018

Many Russian athletes have already tried SMT-h and noted its amazing quality; it can be compared to Jintropin. While the manufacturer is on the way to receive GMP certification, they can’t sell their products in pharmacies and that is why their current price is less than it will be in the future after clinical trials end.

Official website: click here
Production video: click here
Product registration certificate (St-Peterburg, Russia): click here
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Quick facts about SMT-h:

– Already liquid (like Norditropin). No need for bacteriostatic/sterile water. Stabilizers exist to make hormone stable and increase their shelf life up to 2 years in reconstituted form.
– 50iu of Somatropin stored in 50ml vial (1 iu per ml)
– Guaranteed purity 96-98%
– Has a low water retention and very good for cutting cycle as any potent HGH.