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Only original HGH in our store (Proof with pictures).

In this article we would like to show how you can check the authenticity of the HGH that can be purchased in our store. In addition, you can see more pics of these products.


1)  Jintropin 50iu kit.


One of the most well-known pharma grade Gh in the world. Bloods and reviews can be easily tracked in the web.
Contains: 5x 10iu Gh vials, 5x syringes, 5x bac. water vials.

Some pictures of the Jintropin kit from our stock.

1   2


Here you can see an anti-counterfeit codes on the box.




Now let’s check the codes on the manufacturer web site





As you can see on the pictures this kit is genuine. It was made for the Russian market and this code was inquired for the first time.


2)  SMT-h 100iu kit.

Some pictures of the SMT-h liquid kit (2x 50iu vials) from our stock. Lyophilized (dried) kits are coming soon.

IMG_3596+    IMG_4013

SMT-h is a new brand on the HGH market in Russia made by the company “Innfarm Consulting” located in St-Peterburg, Russia. As you can see on their website, “Innfarm Consulting” is a reliable and responsible partner in the market of chemicals and manufacturers of substances for biochemical studies. This company also involved in scientific research of the new products, such as IGF-1 based plasmid DNA, which they will be representing at The Asian Conference on Aging & Gerontology – AGen2017 in Japan.

(Source link: here , page 15)


Let’s check the anti-counterfeit codes on the manufacturer website.