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Review: testing our products with a new LabMax UV test kit (Dec. 2016)


Tests were conducted in Dec. 2016.
For that purpose we used a NEW LabMax Proffesional kit. To interpret the results we were using an instructions manual (which was inside the kit) and LabMax website pictures.

Here are the results of several compounds:

1. Anavar / Winstrol UV test

Instr_1  From the instructions manual how to use the test kit.

Anavar test+   Anavar test 2+  Anavar pure powder under UV light – green fluorescence.  Confirmed by LabMax test results.

Anavar purity test Anavar powder purity test. Test tube color matches with 10mg color on the line.

Winstrol test+  Winstrol powder under UV light – light yellow and blue fluorescence.
Confirmed by LabMax test results.

2. Anadrol / Dianabol UV test

Instr_2  From the instructions how to use the test kit.

Dianabol test+ Dianabol pure powder under UV light – red/orange fluorescence.
Confirmed by LabMax test results.

3. Equipoise (Boldenone undecylenate) UV test.

Bold_test Equipoise (oil) under normal light – orange/brown color.

Boldenone_test_new2 Equipoise (oil) under UV light – yellow/orange fluorescence.
Confirmed by LabMax test results.


More tests will be posted soon…