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About us

cnag220565The name “Icewood” is dedicated to our ancestors who have lived in the place where we came from, wooden village covered with ice and snow for the most part of the year. The place where weather is tough, where people value strength and honor.

We are true, north, strong & free!


Our advantages:

3 1. Quality control
Every batch of our raw compounds is tested with qualitative and quantitative tests. For qualitative, we use the new LabMax UV test. It is a simple pass or fail test. You can check our compound results here. For quantitative, we use a melting point test which shows the purity of the substance. It is also needed to confirm the LabMax test results. We guarantee purity of active ingredients, used in our products, are not less than 96-98%. Compound’s name and dosage always match to those written on the label.
22. Sterilization method
For all our glassware and equipment we are using the only true sterilization method – autoclaving. Steam sterilization is a proven method, which is used in many hospitals. We can assure all our injection products are sterile and safe to use.
mct-oil_4 3. Pharma grade oil
Our injection products are made using sterile pharma grade oil. That’s why injections are very smooth and painless. For high concentration products we also add Ethyl Oleate (EO). If the product contains EO, you will see it on the label.
14. Silicone stoppers
Silicone stoppers are more durable compared to butyl rubber stoppers. They don’t degrade contacting with oil and EO. In this case they are safer to use. We are using silicone stoppers for all our injectables.
data-privacy5. Data protection
Data from the website is stored on the encrypted secure server in Iceland, famous for its modern freedom of speech legislation. Furthermore, to protect information from intruders, we do not store emails on the website hosting. All your personal information used on the website or in email conversations with us is well protected.
online-customer-service-quality-management-course6. Customer service
We are always trying to provide the best customer service on the market. If you have any questions feel free to ask us on our contact page.

Yours truly,
Icewood team